Monday 10 March 2014

Veg and Flowers

It's Waltzingmouse Pajama Party night/day again and this month I actually managed 2 of the 3 challenges - I'll be back to try the bedtime sketch when I see it too.

Firstly I had a go at "what would your mother make", now at first this stumped me as my mother is not really crafty - she can sew but only really did it practically (turning up trousers etc) and I don't have any stamps to match that!  Then I had a brain wave as the one thing she does love is gardening so I thought she would make little seed packets to share around the bounty from her garden so I made this.

I cut the packet on my cameo and then stamped in black and did a little pencil colouring to the cauliflower - quick and simple.

For the next challenge I got to play with my new funky flower die cuts for the die cut challenge.

I had some gorgeous cherry wood veneer paper I had yet to play with so I decided to do a one layer die cut floral arrangement.  Starting with the front flower first and working backwards I cut out all the pieces and then stamped them adding a little distress ink colour in neutral tones for that marquetry wood panelled feeling before piecing the jigsaw back together.  I added the sentiment over the top once I'd finished.

Are you all in your pjs and ready to party?  Can't wait to see what else everyone came up with.


  1. How lovely with the wood veneer Tara! Looks like lots of our mothers were gardeners - mine included!

  2. That seed packet is wonderful - everything is stamped perfectly - I think your mom would be proud! You're giving me some great ideas too. I collect the seeds from my garden and never thought to make my own packaging when I share them. Goodbye plastic baggies - I'm going to make my own! I love this idea!

  3. I adore the seed packet - such a good idea! My mum gardens too - wish I'd thought of that one!

    I love the wood veneer funky flowers - they look fab! I have this paper too, it's super.

  4. I love the seed packet idea Tara - seeds are such a lovely gift! The flowers on the wood veneer look amazing too. Vicky x

  5. Love your idea to honor your mom with the seed packet idea! Turned out wonderful! Love the vintage feel. And I'm another fan of the woodgrain paper, showcased your blooms beautifully!


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