Paper Crafts 75 Challenges

One of the latest Special Edition Magazines from Paper Crafts is their 75 Creative Card Challenges issue which gives you 75 challenges to play with.  I ordered my issue and decided to try and play along with all 76 challenges (they threw in a 76th one online!) as that seemed like an interested way to start 2013.   You can find a full list of the challenges and link to the issue here but below is my link list to all the blog posts where I will be featuring the challenges as I cross them off my list

  1. Use a Page from the Phonebook
  2. Make a Creative Handmade Flower
  3. Stamp on Felt
  4. Stamp with Paint
  5. Make a Quilt-Inspired Card
  6. Use Nothing But Stickers
  7. Use 10 Embellishments
  8. Use a Yard of Ribbon
  9. Use Bleach
  10. Make Your Own Buttons
  11. Doll Up a Die Cut
  12. Make Your Own Ruffle
  13. Stamp on a Transparency
  14. Use a Paper Bag
  15. Use Crepe Paper
  16. Make a Border from Circle Punches
  17. Use Leftover Alphas/Numbers
  18. Stamp with a Homemade Stamp
  19. DIY Embellishment with Decorative Tape
  20. Background with Decorative Tape
  21. Write a Haiku
  22. Make a Triangle or Circle Card
  23. Make an Itty Bitty Card
  24. Use Stitching
  25. Make a White Card
  26. Use Duct Tape
  27. Use Items from the Garage
  28. Use/Create a Butterfly
  29. Use 6 Different Fibers
  30. Use 10 Different Patterned Papers
  31. Stamp Circles with a Glass
  32. Mask with Die Cuts & Mist/Paint
  33. Mask with a Stamp
  34. Use a Package of Embellishments
  35. Alter a Picture
  36. Finish Sentiment, “I love you more than…”
  37. Say Thank You in a Different Language
  38. Make an Embellishment with Twine
  39. Spell a Word with Twine
  40. Use Yarn
  41. Use Craft Foam
  42. Use Wiggle Eyes
  43. Animate an Inanimate Object
  44. Use Glitter as a Main Element
  45. Add Glitter to Die Cuts
  46. Make a Card within a Card
  47. Make a Sentiment-Free Card
  48. Make a Digital Card
  49. Make Your Background Paper
  50. Make a Punny Card
  51. Create a Minimalist Card
  52. Give Your Card a Decorative Edge
  53. Use Woodgrain
  54. Use a Twist Tie or Bread Tab
  55. Use Fabric
  56. Use the Negative of a Die Cut
  57. Design with Confetti
  58. Cut Stickers in Half
  59. Make Patterned Paper with Pens
  60. Make a Window
  61. Die-Cut a Die Cut
  62. Use Vellum
  63. Use a Clip in a Unique Way
  64. Make Your Own Rainbow
  65. Paper-piece
  66. Make a Banner
  67. Use Pleats
  68. Find Inspiration in Pop Culture
  69. Let Something Hang off the Edge
  70. Make a Comic-inspired Card
  71. Use the Splatter Technique
  72. Use Metal
  73. Fussy-cut from Patterned Paper
  74. Change the Color of Trim
  75. Make a Game-inspired Card
  76. Be inspired by a Song

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