Thursday 5 July 2012

Our Anniversary

It's our 5th Wedding Anniversary today, and naturally that meant making a card for my husband.  Normally I show him all the stamp sets I get when they arrive, but I managed to "hide" one of my recent PTI acquisitions when they arrived a few weeks ago, as, as soon as I saw it last year, I knew I wanted to make a card for him with it as it's just perfect!

A very simple clean and graphic card - perfect for a fella.  I stamped the "great lovers" from the Love and Marriage set (anyone know who Ozzie and Harriet are btw???) in black on some white card stock and then added the "you and me" underneath in red.  The forever and the tiny heart are also from the same set, simply stamped and the heart got a layer of wow nuetral shimmer embossing.  I finished it with a layer of black glitter paper for a narrow mat and then a little trendy washi tape with a love them that looks like it's attaching the panel to the card although there is some d/s tape underneath as it didn't hold!

Time for a quick bath before we go out for a meal before the horrendous weather decends over night - we're staying in tomorrow with buckets at the ready as there's an amber flooding alert AGAIN for South Yorkshire - we bought each other purfume and watches - perhaps we should have clubbed together for an ark!!!


  1. Happy Anniversary! It's our 15th today - lots of celebrations today! Hope you had a great day and no flooding. Kind of ironic that we're really dry and could use some rain here in Toronto - the grass is BROWN! Crazy!

  2. Happy anniversary Tars..llovely card and I hope you have had a nice day


  3. Happy Anniversary! Gorgeous card!

    Sarah x

  4. Happy anniversary to you both, God you make me feel old lol.
    Great card that stamp is brilliant.
    Lynne xxx

  5. Such a PERFECT anniversary card, Tara! Happy anniversary! Isn't being married wonderful?! :)

  6. How sweet an Ark would have been :0) Brilliant card that stamp too.
    I just googled Ozzie and seems they are from an American sitcom from the 1950's... good old wiki!!!
    It should say Ozzie and Sharon... Lol
    Hope you stay dry and the flood defences aren't needed.
    Jenny x

  7. This is fab! Simple, elegant - just lovely. I hope you had a wonderful evening xxx

  8. Why are you not appearing on my reader Tara?!! I've missed some gems here - I love this gorgeously romantic anniversary card - and I had no idea who Ozzie and Harriet were either! Hope you had a lovely time! Vicky x


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