Tuesday 8 June 2010

St Luke's Hospice Summer Fair Saturday 12th June

I will be volunteering on the jewellery stall at St Luke's Summer Fair this coming Saturday.  The fair starts at 12 noon and as parking is an issue at the hospice there is a free park and ride scheme operating from Tesco's on Abbeydale Road.

I have donated a lot of my handmade jewellery to St Luke's and will be selling that on the stall along with donations from other St Luke's supporters.  I know from personal experience when I lost my Dad three years ago to the big 'C' what a wonderful job all the staff do for the patients and their families at a time when they desperately need support, so am trying to do a little bit to pay them back.  I do hope you will come and support them - they get so little government funding and have to raise millions each year just to stay open.

Keep your fingers crossed that the rain stops by Friday as predicted too please......

Tuesday 1 June 2010

Bank Holiday Weekend Beading Project

As I sat to watch our usual slaughtering on the annual Eurovision "we're an island with no friends" contest, I thought I had better have something to distract me from my frustrations at our numerous 'nil points' scores so I decided to have a go at a rather complicated beading project that I've had for a while.

It is a bead weave bracelet, in pretty shades of green, blue and purple made up of 4mm bicones and seed beads.  The pattern looked pretty incomprehensible to begin with, but once I got into the rhythm of the count I only made 3 mistakes.  I wished I'd done it on fireline rather than nymo as I split the thread unpicking one such mistake half way through but I managed to knot in a new piece where the knot shouldn't be noticeable - you need arms about 3ft long with these projects to stop the long lengths of thread from kinking :-)

Anyway, mishaps aside, I think the finished piece turned out pretty well....  (you may need to click the photo to enlarge it to see it properly as it hasn't come out that well once blogger has resized it to fit the page)

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