Friday 6 July 2012

Today is a VERY good day!

Just a quick post with happy news - certainly lifted my spirits after all the rain:

Firstly - this morning I found out my paper-pieced card had been showCASed at Less is More - that certainly brightened my morning :-)

Secondly - I have a day off so I got to spend all afternoon watching Wimbledon - and after 74 years the UK finally has a competitor in the finals on Sunday - that makes me very happy :-)    And now Jonathan Marray is through to the men's doubles final - the first Brit to do so for 52 years so it's a British double this weekend - AMAZING!

and then to make a good day into a BRILLIANT day I just got a "happy mail" from Susan R Opel, Creative Editor at Paper Crafts Magazine which means that I'm one of 7 new designers who've had a submission accepted for the January/February 2013 issue - you can't imagine how much that made my whole weekend :-D  :-D  :-D  :-D    Just got to wait 6 months before I can share the project with you all ;-)

 I'm off to open the bubbly..............

Laters x


  1. Congrats honey! I'm not surprised that you got into that mag - you know how much I love your work!!

    I hope your luck continues for a very looooong time my sweet friend!

  2. Wow, first of all congrats on the showcase, very well deserved it was a brilliant card.
    And a massive well done on getting a submission in the mag, you must be chuffed to bits, so pleased for you.
    I`ll gloss over the tennis as it bores me to tears but I understand it makes others happy rofl.
    Lynne xxx

  3. COngrats on being showcased.....and congrats on your submittion you must be over the moon.....I am afraid I am with Lynne of the tennis..


  4. Awesome! What a fantastic day! Hope the trend continues indefinitely!

  5. Wahay, Well done and congratulations first on your beautiful showcased card and secondly for your work being published what a brilliant day, Gay xxx

  6. Well done and congratulations! Your clearly having a wonderful day!

    Sarah x

  7. OH MY WORD, TARA!!!!!! Congratulations on all this good news--I am SO happy for you! :) Definitely well deserved! :)

  8. Oh Tara I'm so happy for you....quite a step up from Papercraft Inspirations !!! :0)
    I just knew the ikea card would get a mention too.... that stamp was out of stock by the way :0(
    Can't get as excited about Andy...... not a massive Tennis fan, although it was good to see that he could smile!
    Jenny x

  9. Tara - I am so thrilled for you!! A card in the Jan edition of Paper Crafts Magazine - I shall watch out for that issue!! And to be Showcased too - congratulations!!

    I'm hoping that Andy will go all the way today!! Enjoy the match!

  10. So very pleased for you Tara - you deserve your success! Am raising a glass to you as I type! Vicky x

  11. Wonderful news Tara - well done all round! Di xx


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