Saturday 10 September 2011

Mini Brayer Tutorial

I've had quite a lot of comments asking me how I made my less is more card this week, well more specifically how I created a mirror image of the cats.  It's actually quite an easy technique - all you need is a brayer and a steady hand.

First apply ink to your image and ensure its on a stable surface.  You need to use a very fresh ink pad so the ink stays wet a while.

Starting just off your image (left or right depending on which hand is your preference - I'm right handed so work right to left) in one smooth movement roll your brayer over the stamp while the ink is still very wet.  This should give you a perfect image of your stamp on your brayer.

Again, in one full and smooth movement, roll the brayer with the stamped image in one direction (doesn't matter which) onto your cardstock.  What I would say is that it's a bit tricky to get it where you want it, so always start with your "mirror" image first and add the normal one after.  It's quite tricky on a one layer card - you may need to "trim" to fit the space you wanted (here I used a full sheet of A4 folded in half and cut it to size after - quite a bit of wastage so perhaps a better technique on a layer you can cut out (or perhaps someone else knows a trick I'm missing for getting the brayer lined up where you want it!)

Now add your "normal" image where ever you want it - as the ink transferred from the brayer will be lighter, its best to take off the excess ink from your stamp before stamping it out - I forgot here so you can see my normal image is much stronger than the mirror.

Decorate, add your sentiment - et voila - mirror image - in the words of the meercat "simples".

I expect to see lots of mirror images from the LIMettes now!

Tara x


  1. Ingenious!!
    But I know I'd naff it up lol
    Thanks Tara

  2. Brilliant thank you Tara XX Jan

  3. How kind of you to do such a lovely tutorial. So clear. Will certainly try this technique.
    Your cards are so lovely Tara.

    Many thanks and. Lol


  4. Thanks for that Tara...I think the key tip is to print your brayer first...I can see how this helps :)
    Jenny x

  5. Brilliant tutorial - I think you might see a mirror image on my card :) Thanks for the tips.

  6. Brilliant Tara, thanks so much for this... I shall have to have a go!
    What a great LIMette you are!
    Thanks so very much .
    "Less is More"

  7. Hi Tara, what a clever idea & a good tutorial. A very sweet & simple CAS design.
    Sally x

  8. Lovely card, well done. You can view my card here .

  9. Great card and great turorial thank you
    Beryl x

  10. Thanks for the tutorial! You've made it look so simple. x

  11. Wow - brilliant Tara! Thanks very much for this. Vx

  12. What a brilliant technique Tara, thanks so much for sharing! Just wait, there will be Limette double vision everywhere:)
    Val x

  13. You're going to have us all having a go at this technique Tara. Thanks so much for sharing. xx

  14. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  15. Great card and an inspiring technique! Thanks so much for sharing.

  16. Oooh what a simple idea thanks for I am wondering if I use permanent ink I won't be able to remove the image off the brayer...hmmm must use other ink maybe! :O) Viv xx

  17. Great tutorial and am glad i did mine correctly as it was my first time using this technique. You've made it look so easy:-)

  18. Hi Tara, Oh yeah it's a great tutorial, lovely clear pics too, Thank you, Gay xxx

  19. Great card, great technique, thanks for sharing.

  20. Thanx for the tutorial Tara, it's so clever!
    I'm gonna look for a brayer and give this one a try :-)

    Have a nice weekend,


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