Sunday 20 October 2013

The Elephants are here!

So it's my day to try and offer a little inspiration to you all over on the Make The Day Special blog and today I'm playing with Mama Elephant stamps as MtDS are the ONLY UK stockist of them and they've just landed in the shop this week!   I love these stamps, the designs are fresh and funky and they stamp beautifully!   The hardest job I had this week was deciding which of my new sets to make a card with but in the end the penguins won the toss......

Only I decided to not go traditionally Christmas with them - I thought they looked a little like they were pointing at each other in that way kids do when they're blaming each other so I paired them with a sentiment from Say What to give it a fun twist.

I stamped the stitched hill a few times in grey and then stood the penguins on the hill and coloured them with copics but now realise I put the yellow in the wrong place for an emperor penguin - I need to watch more David Attenborough programmes lol!   They're still cute though ;-)


  1. Very cute! I always have to google animals and birds before colouring them because I have no idea what they really look like! Vicky x

  2. I love the warm glow on there tums.... I didn't buy this set but am now wishing I had!!!
    Love how you've added the fun sentiment between them :0)


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