Wednesday 9 May 2012

Stamped Vase

I'd seen glass stamping done but was always a bit scared to try it in case the glass shattered under the heat of a heat gun.  However, I found a heavy bottomed vase and thought that would be strong enough so I had a go and made this as a gift for my friend who loves purple.

I used Stampendous Jumbo Cling Peony stamp set just with embossing powders on two sides of the vase.  Because the stamps are unmounted it is possible to "wrap" them slightly around the corners.  To make it easier to see if I had got them lined up, I used a "dirty" embossing ink pad so I got some colour on the vase before I added powder.  I masked off areas of the swirls I didn't want by using seloptape on the stamps when inking.   It is a bit scary at first and does take a much longer time for the powders to melt on glass than it does on paper but the finish is quite effective so I will have another go - maybe on something rounder next time.

I am going to enter this into this month's Stampendous Impressions challenge which is simply to make a gift so this definately counts!


  1. What a great way to brighten up a plain vase...


  2. Wow, so professional Tara - love it! You know, that would match my front room...

  3. This is a great idea - you are brave using the heat gun on glass! M x

  4. I was wondering how you stamped round the corner!! Looks great, a unique gift for your friend :0)
    Had to laugh that you chose a square shape for your first project, just the sort of thing I do :0)
    Jenny x

  5. Wow! What an amazing gift Tara - your friend will be delighted with this! Vicky x

  6. This is sooooo awesome!!! Thanks for playing the Stampendous! May challenge with us!!!!

  7. This is absolutely stunning! I love the peony in the purple. Wow! Thanks for entering it in this month's Stampendous Challenge.

  8. Amazing project! I've never embossed on glass. Glad to know about this technique.


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