Friday 24 February 2012

Another pun

When I had my first go at this week's CASual Friday Challenge I didn't read it quite right.   They had specifically defined a pun as "a humerous play on words" so whilst my first card made me laugh, I don't think it was strictly a pun.  So, quick sticks, here's another go....

This one is from a papersmooches set just stamped and masked and stamped again - well who could resist a smiling tomato??? 

Then it seems once you've hit on what a pun, you find you actually have a tonne of pun stamps in your stash, so I couldn't resist a 3rd attempt!

I just adore this set of fabulous mustaches from the Crafts Meow - I rarely buy stamps that aren't available in the UK as I hate getting stung for import tax, but I just couldn't resist these and they have the perfect set of puns to go with them.

I think that's my punning over now......


  1. Tara - these are brilliant! Love the "ketchup" one!

  2. I, too, love that ketchup with smiling tomatoes card! I, too, now wonder if I strictly did the right card entry since mine's technically not punny, funny, but not punny. Hmmmm.

  3. P.S. I went back to CAS-ual Friday and see that it says, "Use a pun, ... or a sentiment in a silly way to create a joke ..., on your
    Clean And Simple creation. Phew! I'm okay and you've done both funny and punny now, so good job! (Thanks for coming by and leaving a note!)

  4. These are so much fun! I LOVE that mustache one..fabulous stamping.
    And they're perfect for the pun challenge at CAS-ual Fridays :)

  5. These are both fab! LOVE the stache card-I've resisted that stamp set but you're making me question my judgement. Lol

  6. Two fabulous cards. I think the ketchup one is my favourite *g*

  7. He he, I really love the moustache card Tara.... like me you obviously love a good pun :0) These are classic!
    Jenny x

  8. Both so fun, great cards for either sex.

  9. These are great Tara!! I'm glad you had a little more fun with us :)

  10. Love these!
    Thanks for playing at CAS-ual Fridays!


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