Saturday 8 October 2011

Transparent Clothing

I follow the super talented Zoe and her fabulous design team over at Make it Colourful and their tips and tricks REALLY help me improve my colouring skills.  They have started to set fornightly challenges, just colouring challenges, so you don't have to make a full card or project if you don't want.  This time round is a really difficult challenge - transparent clothing - I had NO IDEA where to start but after seeing the DT's attempts I've decided to give it a go.    There isn't a huge amount of transparency on my effort, but I tried a couple of more complicated images and they're in the bin - I think this technique needs the right image as much as the technique.

So I've opted for this great punk image from Tiddly Inks.  To get the transparent effect I drew the continuation of her legs under the skirt with a momento liner pen and then used very pale copic blues, with, thanks to the great tips from Carole of Brum, an overlay of white pencil in places.

Other than skin tones I stuck to just blue and black for this image and I really like the effect - she's called Pinky though so one day I really must colour her in pink!


  1. Tara this is lovely...Zoe and Carole are both so clever...


  2. Wow, your colouring is amazing, what a funky image, and her hair! Absolutely fabulous!

  3. Tara - this is just fabulous! I think you've nailed the transparent clothing effect - love the image. Your colouring is fantastic!

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