Friday 1 July 2011

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For anyone who joined my blog in the beginning and still reads it (thanks!) you may remember my somewhat more frequent "foodie" postings and may be wondering where they went, well I have a bit of news....

Although my logo wording is "my world of food and craft", over the last 6 months this blog has become heavily weighted towards craft, as I enter lots of challenges with my projects these days, this seemed a little inevitable.  What it has meant however, is that now when I have something foodie to share, it feels a little odd to post it here - as most of my followers I'm sure don't care about my foodie ramblings and just want to see my cards, so I've basically stopped my foodie postings.  This didn't feel right to me and I keep photographing food and the cook and would be cookbook writer in me is bursting get my stuff out again so - you guessed it, I've become even more of a blogging addict and have started another blog (currently my 4th......)   So if you are at all interested in food, restaurant reviews, cook books, recipes or anything else "foodie" then you might want to add to your blog reader.....

Thanks, and now normal crafting service will be resumed

Craftilicious :-)

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