Friday 1 February 2013

Baby Bumps

It's all been about babies this week - one of my mates from work is due in a couple of weeks and today was her last day in the office so I've been busy making cards and gifts from us all for her.

To begin with I made a card on my cameo silhouette for her, in the shape of a onesie, and I used another cute cute file to make the giraffe to decorate it and the word baby - suitable coloured in neutral yellow as she doesn't yet know if she's having girl or a boy.

The silhouette came into play again to make this super cute favor box which I used to hold the money we collected for her - we were going for a gift card, but given the number of stores going into liquidation we thought that the folding gift vouchers exchangeable at any store were a much safer option ;-)   She didn't know what she wanted to get so at least now she can choose stuff she really needs.   I stamped some decorative panels on 3 sides and on the onesie on top, stamped a sentiment on the front (Waltzingmouse Compact Sentiments) and then wrapped all around it with some dotted washi tape.

Finally, with some of the collection, I made her something fun and just a little bit larger than a tiny box to make her gift presentation a little more impressive!   I'd seen these nappy cakes online and thought they looked like lots of fun and not that difficult to make - here's the finished article - both in its wrapped and unwrapped form.

It was quite easy to make - although rolling 130+ nappies into tight rolls took a little longer than anticipated and I had to run out for extra packs when I ran out half way through the 2nd tier! 

The "cake" is filled with lots of useful baby products - talc, wipes, shampoo and a few little mummy toiletries too.  You simply tape your tallest items into the middle and then you need a lot of elastic bands and it's then just a case of adding lots of your rolled up nappies until you get nice round tiers of "cake"   Here's an in progress shot of the bottom two tiers.  I wrapped some bibs around the the baby cream to make the centre of the top 2 tiers nice and round.

The "roses" which decorate the cake are actually just individual baby socks, rolled up and wrapped with a green pipe cleaner with a die cut felt leaf.  The pink and green "baby" words are actually white chocolate lollies I made just by melting some white chocolate and adding food colouring into shop bought molds.

And here is a shot of the happy Mum-to-Be being surprised in our reception with her cake - she loved it although was a little disappointed when she realised it wasn't entirely edible ;-)


  1. Oh Tara - this is TOTALLY fabulous - lovely card and box as I would have expected (no pun there!), and the cake is wonderful!! Clever you!!!! Hugs, Di xx

  2. You're a genius! I think the card, gift box and nappy cake are just fabulous! The perfect gift.

  3. Oh wow, totally brilliant, Tara! You are an amazing friend!


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