Monday 5 January 2015

Recyling Challenge

Our challenge at my store this month is to recycle something or use household items in your crafting.  I opted to make a pot to hold my new copic ink refills and all you need is a pringles tube, a craft knife, some paper and stamps!

Trim your pringles tube to your desired height with your craft knife (draw a line measured from the base and follow it - use bluetac to hold the tub still to reduce the risk of injury when using a blade to cut something that can roll.....)

Measure your paper to be a couple of centimetres higher than your tube and the right width to go all the way around (I used a sheet of polka dots in my favourite colour from Lawn Fawn)  Use double-sided tape at the top and bottom of the outside of the tube and where the edges meet to secure the paper to the outside.

You then need to make cuts at the top at every centimetre around the tube - this allows you to easily bend the excess over and get a smooth top.  The inside of a pringles tube is resistant to double-sided tape so even though you can see that on the picture above, what actually held the paper on the inside in the end was some pva!  Just spread it around and then fold each tab over in turn and rub more pva over the top when finished to ensure the tabs stay stuck!  (You could tidy the inside up with some washi tape if it's not too neat)

You can stop there, or if you like, you can decorate more with stamps and dies.  I went for a simple rainbow border of pens and pencils using Smarty Pants from Paper Smooches.   I stamped it and cut it out as a border and stuck it on.  For the sentiment (from Headliners) I wanted to go direct to the tube which is a little trickier but it is doable - select your stamp - stick it to your desk and ink it.  Then carefully roll your tube over the stamp in one smooth and even motion.

You could make a whole range of these in different sizes and make your own desk tidy - would be a fun project to make with your kids too.  Once you start looking for containers to upcycle you'll be amazed at what you'll find!

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