Wednesday 8 October 2014

Try a new technique

Over at Make the Day Special Stamp Store this month, we have a new challenge for you where we would like you to try a new technique, or if there is nothing new for you to try, for you to resurrect one you've not tried in a while.

I tried a couple of techniques - firstly - I had a play with nail varnish marbling - I have to say it didn't go well!   This was my third attempt - it was going to become a die cut snowflake but I gave up and found a new technique at this point!  I may give it another go as I hate to be defeated so I'll let you know....

So I switched to having a go at ombre embossing paste with stencils - I had never even used embossing paste before (I'm not great when it comes to anything messy!) so this was a bit of a challenge for me but I LOVE the results.

I made an ombre blue texture panel using texture paste mixed with acrylic paint and a stencil with added glitter for a super frosty feel.  I then added the penguin from Lawn Fawn, the north pole from Avery Elle and a die cut sentiment from Papersmooches.

I forgot to photograph the steps as I made the panel, so I did it again but this time went with shades of autumn.

Step 1 - fix your stencil to your card with washi/painters tape.  Put 3 dabs of paste on your craft at with 3 tonal shades of acrylic paint.
Step 2 - Mix the paint into the paste.
Step 3 - starting with the lightest shade of paste begin to spread it onto the stencil, taking care to go with the grain so it doesn't bleed underneath.   Don't leave a solid line so the blend looks more organic.
Step 4 - Take your medium shade and repeat step 3
Step 5 - Take your darkest shade and repeat step 3.  Scrape off excess and check the blend between the shades and adjust as required.
Step 6 - Remove the stencil (carefully or you could smudge it - I know cos I did!) and whilst the paste is still wet, sprinkle with super-fine glitter if using.    Allow to dry then cut to size and use on your project.

It's a great technique and I can't wait to give it another go.  The paste we have in store is super light and easy to work with.

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