Saturday 1 June 2013

Knock Knock

No, I'm not going to leave you with a bad joke from the 1970s - it just seemed appropriate to start with a knock as today's card was inspired by my front door.   Now my front door isn't the most inspirational thing you've ever seen, in fact photographing it has shown that it needs to be washed a painted rather badly.........

...but Chrissie and Jen over at Less is More wanted us to make a card based on the colour of our front doors

My door is dark wood with a somewhat faded green trim so I decided to start with a wood veneer paper which was a good match for my door and die cut and embossed a circle from it.  I didn't have quite the right shade of green but this is closer to the colour I originally painted it!  I used it to cut a portion of a hill from a memory box die and stuck to the circle.  I then went for one of my favourite sentiment for when I don't know what purpose the card will have - this "wishing you" from PTI is very useful cos you can put anything on the inside once you know what you want it for!  I embossed it with vanilla white from WOW which I just love the colour of.  I then felt like it needed a little border so punched some hearts from the same two papers and overlapped them and finished with a little dotted line border around the circle.

After 5 hours with no power - I can finally get this linked up now too - I can't believe how programmed I am to electricity - a walk around the house in a power cut quickly shows you just how many things with a plug you rely on and how little you can get done with out it.  Thank goodness for the nice engineer who had to work on a Saturday to get us all back on the grid!


  1. Cool card and, yes, you're right - my world goes to hell in a hand cart without electricity too!


  2. Great card Tara. Glad you're 'powered up' again!
    Margaret x

  3. Fab card, pleased that you are no longer power-less!

  4. I'm glad your plea to get the leccy back was heard!
    This looks great Tara... what a useful sentiment!
    Thanks so much
    "Less is More"

  5. What a fab colour combo for your door and your card is amazing too

  6. So glad to hear you survived your electric cut and thank goodness for that nice engineer! Love your interpretation of your front door with that fabulous wood veneer and the perfectly placed die cut. Vicky x

  7. You are so good at these theme challenges, Tara! This is a fantastic interpretation of your front door!!

  8. Oww not even the Dr who version although Dr Who is the very question at the minute!!!
    Love the woodgrain circle and landscape die,great design for the challenge :0)
    I had to have a bit of a wipe down of the door before a photo shoot.... Honestly it's a bit ruff when these challenges make you do cleaning as well!!! Lol
    Jenny x

  9. I'm really sorry for my late visit.. just wanted to pop over and say Hi
    Thanks for joining us this week
    "Less Is More"


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