Monday 25 June 2012

Olypmic Torch Relay

No card tonight but a couple of photos of the torch relay as it ran past our offices about 6.30 pm this evening.  I'm not sure who it is carrying it as I can't seem to find a list anywhere which matches the bearers numbers to their names!  Looking at photos - she could be Chloe Rutkowski a local charity fundraiser - but I can't say for sure - she was number 131.  (Edited - someone managed to find out the real name - she is Sophie Whittam, former figure skater turned figure skating fashion designer!)  There was quite a crowd on the street and the police struggled to keep the road open enough for the large sponsors vehicles to get through but our car park is elevated from the street so we still got a decent view.

I think the crowd in town for the lighting of the cauldron was even bigger as Seb Coe did the last leg as Sheffield is his home town (sorry he was Seb here way before he was Lord so Seb he'll stay!) 


  1. Great photos!

    Sarah x

  2. What fab photos Tara - we're expecting it here in a week or so. Vicky x

  3. Fab photos - must have been very exciting Tara!


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