Thursday 24 November 2011

Playing with snippets

I haven't made it into the playground with Jules and her campaign to climb our snippet mountains for a few weeks - I've been using my snippets but I've not had time to mention them in my posts.

So tonight I thought I'd have a play and instead of starting with an image and seeing what snippets I could use I thought I would put the snippets centre stage and see what I could create using a few snippets as my starting point.  I managed to come up with a couple of cards.

 For my first card I picked 3 little snippets that were about 4 cm wide and different lengths in tonal shades, cut them to size and used them to cover a 6x4 card.  I added a length of black vintage seam binding ribbon to one side, and stamped some simple floral stamps in black directly onto papers and finished with a fabric flower.  I think it turned out quite well but perhaps the ribbon is a little stark.

For my second card I started with a kraft base and a strip of white hammer left over from an A4 sheet when making another cardbase.  I then dug into my "even thinner" snippets drawer and found 4 green strips (well one was actually the bit left over when I trimmed the dotty strip for the my first card)  I stuck these into rows on the white card just large enough to cover the area of the spellbinders leaf die and cut it out of the centre so I could use the negative.  The bonus is I have a lovely stripy leaf to use on another card which has gone into my "die cuts drawer".

If you've not been to the playground before - here's the link for this week - the gates will be closing in a couple of days, but don't worry - they'll be open again for a new week on Sunday so do join in the fun!

Tara x


  1. Love your snippet cards Tara and what a great idea


  2. Hi Tara

    Two wonderful snippet makes .. .. I particularly love your leaf idea!! Plus you have that gorgeous leaf left over to use elsewhere .. .. win, win!!!

    Thank you for sharing in the snippet playground this week.

    Love Jules xx

  3. That's a great way to start a card Tara and a couple of lovely cards as the result :)
    Hope you make a good bit of cash tomorrow, sent a box of cards that should have arrived yesterday ;)
    Jenny x

  4. Both great, but I love the leafy one best x

  5. Great snippet makes Tara. I really like how you've pieced the strips together. x

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