Sunday 11 September 2011

There She Goes Birthday Doll

There She Goes is celebrating a birthday this week, and have come up with a cool and quirky challenge which ends today but I've just managed to make the deadline.

Day 1's challenge was to use one of their stamps to create a paper doll - I have a few of their sets but only one with a character so the choice of doll for me was 1 from 1.  Here she is:

Day 2's challenge was to take your doll out on the town and photograph her.  So today we went to the supermarket, which also has a clothes store in it, so I decided she was the kind of gal who would like shoes so here she is photographed trying on a snazy pair of leopard print pumps.

Day 3's challenge was to take her into the great outdoors - well the weather hasn't been great here, so the best I could manage was to photograh her in the bushes in my garden before the strong wind blew her away.

Day 4's challenge was an interesting one - she had to be "in the spotlight" so I decided to photograph her with Hugh Jackman, she is obviously worthy of hobnobbing with the Hollywood elite - I also used a torch to add a spotlight to her.

Day 5's final challenge was all about partying - well my doll's idea of a great party is a cocktail party and what better way to celebrate a birthday than with a classic martini - so here she is in the martini glass with a birthday banner.

I hope you enjoyed my little doll's exploits - thanks to TSG for such a fun challenge (even if I did get some VERY strange looks in the supermarket!)


  1. What a cool anniversary idea! Well done on your creative ideas..... I bet you did get some strange looks in the shoe dept :)
    Jenny x

  2. This is fantastic Tara - I love the photos! Vx

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