Wednesday 9 May 2012

Exciting News

Just a very quick post with my super exciting news as for the first time ever today - I'm in print!

If you're rushing out today to get the new issue of PaperCrafts Inspirations then jump to page 88 and you'll find one of my cards :-)   I'm just a little bit excited!!!!

It's made all the more exciting as on the same page as me, completely coincidentally are my blogging buddies Lynne and Jenny from my DT over at St Luke's Charity Cards challenge - all in print together for the first time.

If you don't get the magazine then you can see all our cards via their website link

Personally I'm off to the newsagents right now..............


  1. Aargh! Just been to our local shopping centre and out of 3 newsagents and a supermarket, not one of them had a copy. I`ve texted Alan to bring one in.
    I wanted to cry.
    Lynne xxx

  2. COngrats to is exciting to see yourself in print, I was many years years ago in Crafts Beautiful... Will go and have a look at your link...


  3. Well done Tara - hope you find a magazine Ok to keep for posterity. Di xx

  4. Wow Tara, that's big news.....congratulations! It must be fab to be in print, we'll be asking for your autograph, lol. CoB

  5. That is exciting news - congratulations! You make such lovely cards :) x

  6. That's great news....Well done, Tara!
    I looked in my Paper Essentials and couldn't find your card. Then I realised that it's Paper Craft Inspirations. In your excitement you gave the wrong magazine - LOL! xx

  7. Gosh - you're right Sasha - can't believe I got the name wrong! Told you I was excited! Thanks for pointing out the slip up.

  8. Fabby - well done Tara!!

  9. Huge congratulations Tara and absolutely well-deserved, you work so hard! That is one of my favourite of your cards too! Vicky x

  10. Woo hoo Tara!!!

    What fantastic news and well deserved too. I am really pleased for you.

    I hope the newsagent had one in stock for you!!

    Love Jules xx


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