Sunday 7 August 2011

CAS-ual glitter glue

Well, this week's CAS-ual Friday challenge, which is to use glitter on glue dots, almost had me beat!  The problem is, that we don't get that brand of glue dot in the UK (well I've never seen them).  The brand we have here isn't such a pretty shaped dot - the ones I have are not at all round, and have odd pointy bits, so when you apply glitter they REALLY don't look so good!!!!

I refused to be beaten and miss a week however, so I used two strips of double-sided tape and glittered those once applied to a kraft base card and stamped a doily border.  I then added a sentiment and "made" my own glue dots by using my crop-a-dile on the centre of my messy glue dots to get a properly round dot.  It turned out to be VERY tricky and made a real mess of my crop-a-dile so I don't recommend it - and the swirl I intended to make became a shorter line of just 3 dots - but I'm hoping for brownie points for determination and ingenuity ;-)

Can we have an easier challenge back next week please????

Thanks for stopping by.
Craftilicious x


  1. My word, you DO deserve accolades for all the trouble you went to just to join the challenge at CAS-ual Fridays! But, I have to say, your perseverance really paid off, because this is a stunner!
    (and I'm with you...I want easier next week too...*wink*)

  2. Hi Tara, You're not the only one scratching there head on this challenge, our glue dots are, as you say, impossible to keep round!
    A brilliant card though and plenty of glitter. Great job making your own glue dots too !
    Jenny x

  3. This is fabulous! Love the colours. Looks very elegant!

    And guess what you can get these glue dots - found them in Hobbycraft on Saturday. So now all I have to do is come up with an idea!!!

  4. A fabulous take on the challenge, I must admit the glue dots n glitter theme has put me off this week, it makes too much mess! Your card is beautiful, I love these colours, nice and vibrant!

  5. you definitely deserve many brownie points for determination and ingenuity, good on you for refusing to miss a week in the challenge. eww, can only imagine the mess on your cropadile though, hope you manage to clean it all off. Your card is great, and I love the sentiment. CoB

    PS thanks for dropping by my blog today

  6. Hi Tara

    Eeekkk!!! Hope you have managed to clean up your cropadile!!

    Might be a bit late now but what I do is cut a length of double sided sellotape .. .. stick a bit of waste backing strip onto the sticky side so I have like a tape sandwich. Backing paper .. then the sticky bit .. .. then more backing paper (does that make sense lol!!!)

    I then punch whatever shape I want .. .. peel off one of the backing strips ... stick this to my project. Remove the other backing strip and I am left with a sticky shape. Great for dinky flower heads and snowflakes!!!

    Hope all is good with you.

    Love Jules xx

  7. Well Tara you managed to achieve a card and well done for making your own glue dots. SOmetimes these challenges do make us think dont they?


  8. This is so pretty.. I love that you made a border with them.. so fun! Your color choices are wonderful too :) hugs

  9. Just had to pop by and thank you for your support.
    Seems we are alike in some ways I won't let things beat me either and find with a little determination and ingenuity it quite often turns out better than original idea.
    All the best to you.

  10. Hi Tara

    Thanks for the recipe link.


    Love Jules xx

  11. Definitely brownie points for creativity!! :) You did a wonderful job getting sparkly and I'm glad you pushed your comfort zone to get your craft on with us again this week. Always a pleasure to have you with us at CAS-ual Fridays. (You'll like the next challenge!)

  12. So unique and pretty!
    Thanks for playing at CAS-ual Fridays!

  13. This is so pretty! I love those glitter strips! Thanks for playing along at CAS-ual fRidays!


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