Saturday 7 August 2010

A Cheesey Quiche Experiment........

My husband, who usually isn't around on our book group nights, is now at home, and therefore has to be fed along with the girls.  Not a problem normally, but this month I'd decided to make a 5 onion and gruyere quiche and my husband does not eat cheese - food of the devil according to him (he's pretty normal apart from the cheese-issue honest!)  So I was going to make him something or a separate "cheese-less quiche" but I thought I would experiment and see if I couldn't make a cheese-less section in the big quiche.

I lined the tin as normal, but then rolled out a quiche-height strip and stuck it in a V shape to create a separate section within the quiche.  Adding the greaseproof to fill with baking beans around all the sections was a bit trickier than filling the whole circle and I had to make sure there were enough beans to support the V until it firmed up during the blind baking process.  It was trickier still to get them out ;-)

But it seemed to work and after 20 minutes in the oven I had my very own pastry pie-chart!

This is the photo of the different flavours - after this stage I just added the egg and cream mixture carefully so that the cheese didn't leak into the special slice.....

....and hey presto - one husband-friendly slice of quiche without cheese!   The only issue was that the extra pastry in the V didn't crisp up like the edges and base as it was surrounded by the egg mixture, but if you need to keep your flavours separate it does work and you can always throw the slightly soft pastry once it's served its purpose.

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