Tuesday 6 April 2010

A Crafty Easter

Had a few craft projects on the go this bank holiday weekend, one of which was supposed to be sorting the craft room, but that's another (ongoing) story ;-)

On Friday, I did my first ever "spangling" for my friend who has recently taken up lace making and bought some lovely lace bobbins from the lace fair in Harrogate last weekend. Spangling for the uniniciated (which until recently btw so was I!) is the process of adding "spangles" to the bottom of wooden lace bobbins to give them weight and some pattern so you know which pair you are working on. As a jewellery maker beading wasn't a problem, just learning how to do the right pattern and getting the tension right. This was our afternoons work.

This is a close up on my favourite pair - the wood was such an unusal blend of black, teal, purple and claret that we were able to pick up on in the bead selection. Some of the other beads we used were ones my friend selected whilst on a recent holiday to Cambodia so hopefully using these in her hobby will act as a nice reminder of her trip :)

I also made a couple of cards, one for my Aunts birthday and one for another friend who has just become a Great Aunt and wanted a new baby boy card for her nephew.


  1. The bead work and the bobbins are beautiful. I love the black and teal also the black and white. Your cards are great. Love how you have die cut the stamped image fits perfectly. See you soon Lynne xx

  2. Thanks Lynne, glad you liked them.

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